Assignment 3 Tutor Report


Open College of the Arts
Tutor report
Student name Megan Cheetham Student number 514266
Course/Module Drawing 1 Assignment number 3


Overall Comments

You have worked hard. You have worked from source and evidenced your thought process as you completed each exercise.

Again there are issues that I need to bring to your attention.

I do need to push you on to developing your work further. You have achieved a certain level of ability which must now progress further.


Assessment potential  




Select one of the statements below:

*delete as appropriate

I understand your aim is to go for the Painting/Textiles/Creative Arts* Degree and that you plan to submit your work for assessment at the end of this course. From the work you have shown in this assignment, providing you commit yourself to the course, I believe you have the potential to succeed at assessment.  In order to meet all the assessment criteria, there are certain areas you will need to focus on, which I will outline in my feedback.    


I do think that you will be successful in the formal assessment. However you seem to have arrived at a threshold. You must now take on some additional pictorial issues that should lift your drawing to another level.


Feedback on assignment.



I think that- as you write- you seem to be more at ease drawing on A1 sized paper.  However I worry that perhaps if smaller drawings were completed you could give more time to detail and perhaps carry your drawings further in intensity.


You have worked out a good composition and your choice of two colors is quite dramatic. The perspective is sound.

You make very bold initial statements – really strong first impressions- you block out strong large areas of light and dark- a rather sketchy version of shadow- you have an expressionistic way of using media with strength and robust marks. What you need to do is to reach another stage of investigation – go back into the drawings and be more discriminating about detail- smaller areas of the composition- research your subject matter more thoroughly.


You reinforce the larger areas instead of finding the smaller areas of tone- of pattern- and of tone.

You are in danger of repeating a stage of generalization which you repeat in each drawing.


What you must do is to investigate more- observe more patterns and be more specific about these smaller areas. Use a greater variety of texture- pattern and marks.


12 landscape


Again- a strong first impression. Again I do think that you could have worked more on the drawings to investigate the shapes more and produce a more creative – more inventive result.


I would have thought that studying the walls of the buildings- the surface texture – perhaps- simplifying some shapes – relating others – leaving out such issues as door handles etc. might have produced a stronger – more architectural- structural buildings- a greater symmetry a  stronger design. Perhaps you need to   re – assess what you should include and what you should leave out.

Project 5- limited palette.

Again – a strong initial statement. The black and orange are a dramatic choice of colour.Ii would have liked to have seen   you experiment more with creating different tones  by using one of these colors over the other- by mixing textures etc. .In this way more smaller details could have been included- the window frames- the railings etc. Again there is a generalization.


City scapes


Again strong chalk marks- a firmness to your response- and you have isolated two very strong shaded areas that balance well. – On the right and on the left. Such a pity – more observation could have tightened these forms- highlighted those forming two rather impressive forms. The lighter areas could also have been worked on to create a greater atmosphere – of extreme light and shade.


The John Virtue drawing might have benefited from a smaller sized paper. However again there is a certainty to the buildings. It is a pity that you could not capitalize on your strong first impressions. You do have an accurate eye- a flamboyant expression of the division of the paper – a good eye for balance. Now you must take your drawing to another level of investigation to make them more inventive- creative and less predictable.


Project 4

A smaller piece of paper and a more complete image. I know that you like using water color. If you are to continue using this medium then you must try and control it more. The roofs would have clearly been a mass of different tones – the windows also a mass of different tones. Perhaps water color is not the best medium for you to achieve a really solid feeling to the buildings. There should be a better feeling of depth which can be achieved purely by tone. Try not to always draw outlines and fill them in with a wash.

I know that you are not so fond of pastille but you can achieve the same expressive marks- the same bold statements – as well as the more details – and over drawing can produce so many rich colors that will produce solidity.


Research point John Virtue


Wonderful white windows against black walls on one side- against black forms against white walls on the right hand side- more of an atmosphere because of the less obvious outlines in some parts of the drawing. Could you not have used an eraser to draw back into the sketch to refine your design? I wonder if you have used an eraser to draw back into the design- or have you used a view finder?


Project 1


I am not sure whether this clump of trees goes upwards or further into the certainly does not move away from the surface of the paper. Do not just make sketchy marks in the hope they look effective- you must be more accurate- more discriminating. The same with the water colors- just painting over with a wash – using the “effect “of the medium does not work. You need good solid observation- good solid investigation- exploration – do not just be satisfied with the “effect.”


Project 3- developing your studies.

Again a good beginning which could have been worked on more to produce a stronger landscape. The trees at the back do not appear as thick structures – with bulk and a three dimensional quality. Do try and create a greater variety of marks – be more discerning with textures- look for more variety of pattern.


Project 5- a landscape using line.

A drawing full of potential- – line is not just about outline however – you have seen some of henry Moore’s drawings – especially those of figures in the underground. Again- accurate perspective. Again this drawing could have been continued.


I do worry that you might get stuck in the apparent superficial cleverness that certain marks and certain qualities of water color give your work. Avoid falling into this trap – avoid being seduced by this. Concentrate on drawing what you see- not how you did it’d not put technique over content.

I do admire your drawing from source. You sit there and draw the landscape or townscape in front of you.  All this demonstrates your commitment. You have many strengths and a certain facility which reveals a certain easy aptitude to a certain type of drawing.


It is important now to approach each project freshly – looking more and giving less attention to how you get there. You do need to elevate your work – get past this stage of learning and move on to more complex pictorial skills- more intensive looking and more creativity.



You have made some interesting sketches in your book. You need to demonstrate your own personal voice more and complete research other than is demanded of the assignment.

I hope you have a small sketchbook to be used as a visual diary?


Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays

Your learning logs are comprehensive. They are honest and sometimes- too self- critical- too harsh. However you have documented your reflections as you work through this third assignment.

You have studied other craftsmen and in your own writing compared and contrasted their work.  


Suggested reading/viewing

Have a look at the work of De Chirico- especially his strange landscapes and the work of Magritte as well.

Have a look at the drawings of Andrew Wyeth- look at the simplicity of his landscapes and the power and drama he instills in them. Some of his portraits will also help you in assignment four.


Pointers for the next assignment


Do try and find a model if possible! – Perhaps your children can stay still for a certain amount of time!

Using your small sketchbook and drawing people in the street etc. would be good practice.

Perhaps a few weeks taking life class lessons would also help in assignment four.

You will be drawing yourself so that will be no problem.


Assignment four is a very important assignment. All the issues that I have brought up in this review are – again well with in your grasp. As long as you do not get stuck in that rut of familiarity and can push yourself to produce more intensive- more creative work.

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