Pt 4 Project 4 Ex 2

I missed life studies tonight, I’ve got a full day on Sunday, part of the reason is I’ve worked out how to set the mirror up to draw myself and I wanted to do some smaller sketches then work up a larger piece working from the sketches alone.

Of these 2 pages from yesterday evening I was most happy with the pose on the second sheet, lying back. This was a more challenging perspective to get a realistic shrinking back from the foreleg, shading to round the form. My major problem here is the angle the mirror was at chopped off the bottom information. However it was the starting point for this evenings work, kneeling stool utilised to get the mirror at the right height and angled better.


I really wanted to get the leg coming forward and I think I achieved it best in the third picture. I was also happier with the amount of detail around the form. I did like the standing pose, the narrow framing provided by the mirror I used to draw from offered an unusual cropped image. This led onto the larger sketch. I am worried it doesn’t look worked in too much, but I like the simplicity and the strength in the lines.DSC00846

I took the Andrew Wyeth sketch information in, and whilst I’m not producing hyper realistic information, I am using the lines and choosing which bits I want to inform about. I’ve asked for a second opinion, will see what my tutor says…

As predicted, my tutor wanted me to work into the picture, but I really liked it, so I decided to start another picture.IMG_8568

I decided to change out of PJ’s so there was less ambiguity in the form, I didn’t get the angle of the mirror the same as the trial sketch and I ended up twisted at the waist so my foot wasn’t swallowed by the duvet. My tutor pointed out that the face is a bit flat which I knew, but as I haven’t worked out if its too wide or too short, the shading is kind of neither here nor there. This is a more developed background than previous and I ended up cutting back with a rubber to get my whites (my smear the pencil lefthanded-ness strikes again). However, I think the crick in my neck was probably worth it.

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