Assignment 5

Investigating Salisbury Cathedral as a building, with a view to creating images that represent it in a current style.

The building is squarely at the centre of my world. Ignoring its theological purpose, the council won’t allow anything to be built taller than it so it dominates the landscape. The buildings that surround it are -for the most part- listed buildings that really are the same as they where in sketches from centuries ago. It also represents a part of the tourist trail that feeds the coffers that keep the parks looking good and the view from the coffee shops clean.

To me, it represents Home. Driving into the city in any direction, the sight of the cathedral fills me with a sense of calm you only get when you know you are about to throw off your shoes, find your favourite mug and shrug off all the duties being outside the house entails. I walk into town with or without my family and bump into a miriad of people I know, there is a reason we call it Smallsbury. Thats why I’ve picked it to draw.

I’ve been looking at the work of Andrew Wyeth (extensively over the last part of the course) and Dennis hopper in reference to open spaces and the importance of the items within them. This building sits in its landscapes in a way Wyeth and Hopper would approve of.

I’m also looking to the work of Degas and Monet to look at colour and light and the cathedral will work well for both these artists, given Monet’s Rouen cathedral series working with colour will be a nudge in a different direction.

I have recently seen a fair bit of the work of John Piper and his work is going to influence this assignment, the use of line and shade in his compositions brings a style that is far removed from the Constable and Turner pictures and most of the versions of this grand building I have seen since.

I want to build a strong sketchbook of reference images that I can then build into larger multimedia drawings that hopefully show the quiet of the places I have drawn. I had good success slowing down the sketchbook images for precise dip pen and ink sketches in the coursework for part 4, I want to keep working in this way, it led to much better final pictures.

There are strong shapes that define the stonework and hold up the spire which was never in the original design, using these to give the age and weight of the building will be a challenge I am looking forward to.

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