Pt4 Project 5 Images of Women

We are asked to look at Ways of seeing by John Berger, the first essay is a picture essay relating through a mix of fine art in history to modern photos and advertisements, how the sexualised female form has come to be viewed.

The control in the pictures is with the creator, not the undressed form within it, from the artist or patron requesting the painting to the modern day advertising where the product is displayed to its best advantage, these women likened to still life paintings are adorned in products they are sexualising.

Chapter 3 is an essay that sits alongside chapter 2 in verbalising the point. Women are seen as a prop to create a vibe while men are seen to represent an action or a strength. Women go through life next to what they represent.

“Men act, women appear”

Adam and eve, ashamed of their naked-ness, women blamed and told they must be subservient to man who is to be the emblem of God, this tale whittles down to the image of Adam and Eve hiding their modesty with fig leaves and hands, hiding the naked.

Mirrors to show the vanity of women, however, we are looking at the form therefore we are hypocritical.

Nell Gwyn painted for the king, she is supplicated to His desire to see her, and is present because of his request?

This then shows her submission when the painting is shown to others and they covet/admire her form.

In other world desire depiction, its much more usual to see 2 people engaged in a sex act, European art is unique in its portrayal of women in the way it does.

“A naked body has to be seen as an object to be nude”

Prominent protagonist is male in European nude paintings.

We feel relief when we see a naked picture, ‘they are like us’ This demystifies them.

Rembrandt’s second wife, painted out of love? genitals hidden looking at the artist.

The way we have viewed the female form in this culture has not changed nor has our view of ourselves.

• Using only newspapers and magazines as your source, construct a visual essay illustrating the visualisation of women today. There should be at least 12 images in your essay. Then do the same again but taking an opposite position.

First images, sex sells. and if you don’t fit the form, you will be vilified.


Strong women being lauded for what they do, selling products by just being healthy, or showing clothing that doesn’t accentuate the form.


• Make a collection of images of nakedness and the nude, annotating them to indicate which they represent, how and why.

Ken-Adams-Nude-Photography-00I put nude photo into Google as a search and this trio is one of the images that came up. Grouped as three undressed women gracefully lit. Two of the women do not look at the camera, they seem to be posed in a way as to be seen in a moment of their lives that they are unaware of being photo’d in. Our role in these is as a voyer they are in believeable home background settings and have been created by a man for socophilia. In the central photo, the model looks at the veiwer and has a confidence about her as she kneels knees apart, draping a feather boa above and around her. She is still inviting us to look so this photo has the same purpose as the other two.

These are nude photos where the naked has been objectified and now has a purpose to excite.


Covered from above one nipple up lying on the self same twisted sheet, all we can see, from the height of the bed is the view from spread thighs up over a woman’s genitals, pubic hair, stomach to the half uncovered breast. This is an oil painting in the style of the old masters.

This is a conundrum to me. It can come under the heading of naked or nude depending upon the context. The original commission was for someone who collected paintings that showed off the beauty of the female form and as a headless nameless closed in image it is the prime example of the nude. However, its so impersonal its nearly coldly anatomic, the only thing that gives credence to it being us seeing something we shouldn’t see is the use of a sheet that suggests a bedroom moment.


This photo was taken for Instagram, the image shows a woman chest up with one hand pressing her breasts to hide them. she has full make-up on and styled messy hair. the photo is in black and white.

This photo shows someone hiding their naked form, but posing while they do it, this photo is to tease at what you get as a follower of her account as if this is naturally her life. It is self advertising which makes it nude.


Orlando Bloom paddling naked on a paddle board with a cap and sunglasses on. This is someone doing something naked, as a reader of a newspaper (this image came from the Daily Mail website) I am turning it into nude by looking at it, as did the person who took the photo.


This photo is of people cycling with no clothes on, they are naked, there is nothing sexual about the photo, they are chatting and wearing sun hats. They have not been picked for the photo because of there obvious good looks, they are normal people not posing or professionally lit it is merely recording the event and they have no clothes on, thats why its being recorded.


This photo is of a multitude of unclothed people lying down head to toe, I would say hundreds. These people are naked, they are making a point for an art installation, however, they are not all models and there is no sexual connotation to the image. We are invited to see their bodies, because they are aware the photo is being taken and as much as I’m sure someone will be looking voyeristicly, the majority will be looking with curiosity again, with the permission of the people.

Bergers definition of naked/nude may not be the same as Lord Clarkes (naked is without clothes and nude is within art) and that would certainly change the naked nude view of the pictures above, however, after reading Mulvey and Berger, I would say that our culture has a squewed view of the human form anyway.


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Red(2017)strong female images and images showing female stereotypes [colour photograph]

OK!(2017)Female stereotypes in photographs May 2017 issue[colour photograph]

Daily Star(2017) images of women used as evidence of gender stereotyping April 25th 2017 edition [colour photos]



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