Exercise 2.2 Large-scale line painting

Create a line drawing in paint on a large sheet of watercolour paper or lining paper (A1 or larger). Choose another one of your collections to paint using any of the materials listed in Exercise 2.1 or acrylics, watercolours or inks. You don’t have to paint the whole of the background colour in unless you want to.


About a metre squared, painted in acrylic ink on cartridge paper, the light reflections on the white and the ability to arrange these into the frame has been appealing to me since I read the exercise a few weeks ago. The lighting in the dining room after dark worked in my favour for the photo and as much as I originally planned to use black Indian ink I started on the lines and initial shadows first and then didn’t have the heart to go as dark for the outer lines, so the dark brown was next and the blue was to balance the tone of the redder brown. I didn’t want to lose the white it highlights the simplicity of the image for me

I went with this composition with 4 pieces so your eye is led up the composition and interest held with the handles and spouts.

Next steps is easy, make more compositions and turn this into a series of its own. The size is great, the mix of colours I’ve been playing with since part 1 have been enervating and I like the simplicity of playing with the white porcelain. It can wait till the course has finished though, mostly so I can concentrate on getting my painting stronger, this is too much like drawing and I practice that fairly regularly anyway.


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