Arundells as a collection

Arundells. 2018. The Collection. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 13 January 2018].

Arundells was the home of Ted Heath on the close before he died. as an ex prime minister with an interest in sailing and music and a history of travel and military service, his house is filled with a diverse range of items. He curated it carefully so the elements only really touch on one another. The volunteers that now oversee the house are knowledgeable and keen to impart as you walk around. My goal as a member of Salisbury Plain Arts is to create art based on the collections and/or property. The front hallway is dedicated to sailing with a vast glass cabinet filled with awards and models of his masted boats, grand paintings adorn the walls showing these sailboats battling waves and on the window wall, ivory and bone carvings sit in glass boxes. The drawing room has a grand piano and impressionist art (including a John Singer Sargent and a Lowry with fine antique Chinese porcelain and jade around the fireplace. The top of the piano sits an impressive display of photos of dignitaries and the famous.

The hall itself has a more subdued art collection more sketch based leading past the diningroom with walls lined in John piper prints and originals. These are fantastic, displayed against a darker pinky/orange wall, one of a garden pings out the flowers equally bright and verdant greenery. Smaller than A2, the picture has more impact to me than the picture Piper did of Arundells for Ted Heath next to it on the adjacent wall, it glows in comparison in a brightness that I’m not used to seeing in Pipers work.

His work always looks so alive to me, a lack of lines and hurried paint depicting an impression of the place and the depth of its history The painting of Arundells clear and accurate line but totally Piper with its imprecise application of colour.

Grave goods sit on shelves, horses not modelled docile, in a garish collection of glazes, fine porcelein displayed as if to be used.

Unfortunatly my visit was to prepare art about the place rather than study specific paintings.



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