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Assignment 3

Assignment 3 was based around Old Sarum Airfield, its a collection of ageing huge hangers and support buildings that stop abruptly at the grass strip for the planes. Some of the hangers have been done up and the one I chose to draw has not. It is surrounded by industrial buildings some from the same time as the hangars, leading to the modern day (the garage my car goes to is at the other end of the road from this hangar).

I sketched before lunch on a gale force kind of day in December. I positioned myself over the road and my eyelevel was below halfway on the ground floor windows

My preliminary sketch-work centred around drawing detailed elements so I could recognise them later. I took photos which show clearly the elements I left out. I was fascinated by the angles created to make the structure work, and the obvious decay.

I left out the overhanging tree as I wanted to concentrate on the building, ditto the trees behind the brick structure ¬†(that holds the hangar door runs) I’ve enjoyed playing with inks and wanted to take the colours more real to the actual image but didn’t want to aim at an exact match, I also prefer the more random effect of laying the colour first then creating line over. I have to separate the 2 layers with acrylic matt medium as otherwise there isn’t enough tooth for the charcoal and conte to get purchase.


Again I haven’t put focused detail into the foreground or whats behind the building, I’ve made the whole thing fill the page rather than show the industrial elements around it, to me it gives it more of an open point in time that it can be from. There is visible angular perspective at work.

I think I have shown an element of a functioning building that is dilapidated and I think the acidity of the colours helps that. I think the only emotion I get from it is a sense of sadness for what was once a hive of activity and the knowledge that to afford to bring a building of this size back to its grandest best must be cost prohibited.

I think it shows where I have come from so far in this part, because it is nowhere near as perfect as I would have produced previously and has much more atmosphere as well. This is the effect of Moore and Virtue, with my interpretation on top.

Given the picturesque nature of my city, I have tried to stay away from the chocolate box image, I’d say I have been successful.

From an assessment point of view, I would say I display good technical knowledge and visual skills. I would say I am happy with a large majority of the pieces I have completed and they have a voice and create an emotional response.

My weakest point at the moment is still in creating a body of background work that informs the final piece. the sketchbook work is coming on, but I am aware I need to show informed decisions on final framing of an idea. Its difficult though as I carry a photographic device with me for all these exercises and photo ¬†scenes and frame in my mind at that point after looking through the viewfinder. This informs which rectangle or square of the landscape I will try to sketch. This does not mean I haven’t frozen my bum off sketching and just worked off photos, it just means the act of taking the photo decided which bit of the view ended up in the final piece.

I found reading up about the history of landcapes very interesting, I still don’t get the point of the golden mean, I understand what it does, I’m just not convinced I have the patience to put it into affect…

I’m on ‘The shock of the new’ at the moment, its a longwinded number but its explanations of the history of modern art are detailed and informatiove, detailing what could have been happening around the movements to define there direction. I’ve a long way to go to finish the book though.