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Assignment 4 picture 3

My grandmother has been a recurring theme in this part of the course. I have drawn her with differing success previously in the sketchbook so seemed to be a good choice for the final assignment piece. I played around with the light and picked the lighting from above so the shadows on her face could pick up her features.



I wasn’t keen on the profile view and chose an angle while gran talked to my mother. This marker version is best described as wonky but between this and all the other sketches and a photo taken at the time I continue on..


I have another sheet drying now with tissue and patterned wrapping paper on adhered with matt medium. I want to combine some perm marker and charcoal over it to see how it works. I will probably need to use white acrylic to create the highlights in that one.




I ended up using gesso, over stuck on paper (majority was gold tissue), permanent markers and charcoal and Conte crayons. The portrait is atmospheric and the marks fresh enough not to make it looked overworked.

The original willow charcoal didn’t like the onslaught from the fixative and the gold shows through in patches on the face. I prefer to view this picture closer, it seems happier to me then.

I like the way all of the paper is covered, the picture feels whole. The features come out along with the preceding shoulder and the lighting is effective. There are a range of emotions at play. The mid section is darkest with the eye pulled up to the eye level, partially because of the striking white hair. I changed the colour of grans cardigan from orange to green so it was at the same interest level as the gold, the warmest part is then the added peach and red in grans face.

Doing this again I would gesso all of the face so I had better purchase for the conte, I wasn’t planning on using it, however marker pen wasn’t showing up as well as I had hoped. I also wasn’t planning on ending up with a relevant flesh-tone however, the gold stumped me slightly and this is my gran. Turns out I didn’t feel I could do her justice otherwise.


Assignment 4 (pictures 1 & 2)

Assignment 4 asks for 3 pictures.

1. A line drawing in A1 has the potential to lack punch from a distance if the line isn’t visible further than 3 feet away so the medium chosen for the drawing was at least as important to the pose. I wanted quite a crisp line so used the fountain pen for the sketches to sort the angle, the side on was too whistlers mother and the back removed the potential for getting the features wrong. I went for elevated to the side as this posed some interesting problems with foreshortening in the chair as well as the model. Animating the model was probably a step too far for my daughter (who I now owe a new nail varnish to)So you get a quite relaxed pose that lacks any kind of emotion except in the hands clutching the edge of the cardigan.


The angle meant the head fit to the toes 4 times and it didn’t look correct, so I extended the chin down and to erase the exsess lines whited over with acrylic paint. Would probably have helped if I hadn’t used cream cartridge paper.

I added the background to fill out the image and I like the odd angle of the rug in placing the chair, it has a feel of Van Goghs chair or his bedroom in Arles.

I tried it in charcoal but wasn’t happy with the thickness of the line, I didn’t want to use a paintbrush and ink as this is Drawing 1, not Painting 1. Pastels could have worked, but I still have concerns over their stability for transporting twice without the protection of a window mount. So I went for the pitt pens over the permanent markers, mostly as they are more expressive and responsive in the line.

I used a couple of greys, getting steadily darker as I became more sure of my line and finished off the edge with a black. This build up in the line has helped make it more important on the paper so the figure and the chair stand out.

Am I happy with the picture? It doesn’t look like my daughter. I have drawn Sam many times over the last few years, with much more success in the likeness than this, I chose a permanent line I can’t correct so accuracy without repetition isn’t going to happen, which is annoying as I am happy with the proportions in the body and the chair. This captures a moment in her life of mild visible insecurity at yet again posing for mum, she is enclosed by the arms of the chair which I think gives it as an object more power in the picture.

My greatest problem is what the picture lacks in tone, one OCA student on the facebook page suggested it would make a good illustration on a book cover and I can see his point. Its a picture, but it feels flat without the shading I would have put in place to round out the form.

2. Lying down in tone. This was done at life studies and I’d say was a bit of a fail, I shouldn’t have done the outline of the form. I chose charcoal as its a quick filler and I’m not in charge of the pose or time so speed is of the essence. I achieved 3 quick sketches around the sofa before settling on one that foreshortened down from the head, this gave an interesting line in the leg and because of the angle in the lamp a more appealing reveal in the head.DSC01038

This model has a marvellous way of holding himself and given his age, has great lines in his muscles and bones to make up the form. However I think they are better shown when he is sitting or standing and holding himself in tension. It is a successful sketch of the human form (even if it is unclothed against the requirement of the assignment brief), however I think I might be rightly told off for all the lines.