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Assignment 1 UPM Multi media [accessed18th September 2017] seen in passing and interested on utilising for display of my 20 assignment pieces.

Denis Castellas. 2017. Painting/ selected works. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 August 2017]

I picked one style of painting from the research element of Pt 1 to use for the assignment,  This was based on the work of Dennis Castellas. His use of colour was interesting to me as most of my previous painting has relied on a more accurate to the original use of colour. I’m not comfortable with my lines to leave the picture as a line painting on a colour background yet, I think a bit more detail helps define the image to the viewer.

I worked up the paper with a different skim of colour on each picture, this (in my head at the time) would give me an extra way to link the pieces at the end, which was good as I didn’t have enough photos to create a story.

Some of the pictures work better than others, thats not through lack of investment, its just sometimes (still) the brushstrokes work and sometimes they don’t. The lime green picture of my children together, I loaded the brush with too much colour to start with instead of a lighter wash so the facial lines are to my mind too strong. However, the lines are in the right place to convey the odd pose (under the pier at Bournemouth where there are tiles on the bridge supports) and overworking would have lost the rich green skim. I’m also not convinced I needed to use the ginger hair on the blue picture of my daughter. Thats accurate (‘cept the blue) but not really necessary.

The choice of a colour link helps to unify the images in a way the contents cannot, they are mostly pictures of my children, with a bit of our holiday landscape in St Agnes, some local shots in Salisbury (the aqua door and the gasometer which is in process of being taken down, a large number of us are quite sad at that) and a random picture of Matt Damon because I like the reflection and shape to the glass. So there only link is to me as things that caught my eye and that includes my kids I suppose. They don’t culminate in anything though which is why I didn’t play with them as a line of images, it wouldn’t matter were you started the line, the only way I would be comfortable with that display would be organised by colour ie. going through the rainbow.

I did sort the block by colourIMG_2282

Bu as I didn’t choose the picture for each colour prior to starting the process, I end up with both pictures of both children next to each other and Matt Damon at the end which doesn’t feel right.

I asked a colleague to have a go, hers is the one to the left with the hands visible, her response starts out promisingly with the blues contrasting with the oranges and browns, but doesn’t continue further with the stronger clash between red and green.

My attempt to the right has a better spread of colours and the closeness of the pictures seems to add another link, like pixels making up a whole.


I then tried to spread the grid out, there is now more space to see the images and the start is both my children as is the end (probably sums up how I feel about my life really)

More space for the whole gives more breathing room for the eye as it wonders through, but still has them close.

I won’t frame these (the frame would separate them from each other), I might mount them on individual MDF boards with a hanging option on the back, that would stop them curling and keep the pictures closer if hung together.

The link at the top caught my eye as an image on Instagram of an artists work (Haven’t found out who) that uses small images in a larger formation and adds fabric swirling around to help with cohesion, this seems like a good idea and may be something to think about after the course is finished.

The other way to look at it as a bunch of square images would be to add another 5 to build a square and take it more down the road towards an Instagram square post. Overall, I prefer working to a larger sized image, however, the research and exercises in this part of the course have been good to work at the smaller size.